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1- Support DVB-S-S2 frequencies and 3D channels 2- CPU type: ALI 3606 3- Support channels with mpeg-ii/mpeg-iv/h.264 playback 4- Ability to support all types of cband/kuband LNBs 5- DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3 usals support 6- Blind Search feature 7- Has a readable VFD panel 8- It has a LAN port 9- Has 2 USB ports 10- HDMI output 11- With AV output 12- Ability to automatically update the names of new channels 13- Ability to search multiple satellites at the same time 14- The ability to search multiple transponders or frequencies together 15- Full Persian language support 16- Ability to connect front USB in secret 17- Ability to display Persian subtitles 18- The ability to change the color and background of the subtitles 19- The ability to edit and move channels in favorites and desired lists 20- The ability to upgrade via USB 21- The ability to upgrade through the internet server by the device itself 22- Ability to update through RS232 port 23- Farsi teletext support 24- Dolby sound support 25- WiFi support capability along with a free USB WiFi with RT3570 chipset 26- Connecting network and internet through wireless 27- It has features such as YouTube, weather, Google map, email, daily motion, news reader, stock news and other interesting programs. 28- It has 8 prompts to categorize favorite channels and the possibility of adding a new category 29- It has a card reader 30- Beautiful, convenient, practical and user-friendly menu 31- Ability to support all types of external hard drives 32- Dual-channel simultaneous recording of the same frequency 33- It has a powerful media player with the ability to support and play many audio formats and Video like: MKV – AVI – FLV – DivX – MP4 – 3Gp – Mp3,… 34- The ability to store 8000 TV and radio channels in total 35- Ability to install IPTV 36- It has two remote controls 37- Excellent image quality Full HD 1080p 38- multi-picture feature 39- The ability to download softcams and programs from a dedicated FTP server 40- The ability to set the clock manually and automatically 41- Recording timer 42- Sleep timer 43- The ability to set the standby mode during a power outage 44- EPG electronic guide capability for up to 7 days 45- Excellent CCCAM support 46- Support for all kinds of sharing protocols 47- Actiocode internet sharing protocol support 48- With X-TIMESHIFT 49- Excellent and unique software support 50- Dual tuner receiver with free air and internet sharing 51- With 15 months of powerful global internet sharing 52- With 15 months of powerful global sharing
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