1. Rafiq says

    Why wifi not working new software

    1. John's says

      Yes wifi is disconnecting. Please tell me the solution.

  2. Hossein says

    After updating by these versions, wifi dongle isn’t work.

    1. Mediastar says

      wait for new update please

  3. Zimmy says

    Same here new software not working

    1. Mediastar says


      1. Mohammed says

        How to check account and update the product.

  4. johns says

    rafiq bhai yes there is problem with wifi what to do now

  5. محمد عبدالوهاب says

    عايز السيرفر الذي يدعم تشغيل بين اسبورت

  6. Richard Quaicoe says

    My media star MS MIN 1111 has expired but don’t know where I can get it activated.
    The person I bought from cant help me

  7. Zimmy says

    Should I go ahead to download software now?

  8. Amir says

    فایل فلش مدل 1111 را میخواستم

  9. Sergio says

    I need News remote control for a MEDIASTAR MS-MINI 1111 FOREVER. How can I get it ir but it? Is there any compatible remote control?

    Thanks in advance

  10. Sergio says

    Were can i get remote control for this MEDIASTAR MS-MINI 1111 FOREVER??

  11. Rafiq says

    Wifi not working

  12. Mohammed Aslam says

    I need ms1111 mini flash file

  13. Rafiq says

    All User Not it After software update must use original wifi adapter 7605 Original

  14. Ayoub says

    Does this device support Dolby Digital plus ?

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