MediaStar News & Announcement

MediaStar News & Announcement



  • MS-R110
  • MS-R120
  • MS-R130
  • MS-R140
  • Recovery & Solve Error
According to users’ reports, in some serial numbers of the above models, after updating with the new Flow menu, some remote control keys do not work, which has been fixed with the 21-7-2023 software and later software. Do not use the previous software to update these models, and only update the device with this software of 7-21-2023 and the software after that, following the correct instructions.
  1. Download the new software dated 7-21-2023 and put it on the USB main page.
  2. Rename the file to rom.bin (be careful not to write .bin twice)
  3. Connect the USB to the device and press the power button on the remote control and turn on the device.
  4. The update starts and after the software is fully injected, the device reboots.
  5. After booting up the device and fixing the problem, update the device with the latest software provided by following the correct update instructions.
The latest version of Media Star software is located on the FTP server and Media Star website, and you can download and update it now.

خبر آمد خبری در راه است


  • سرخوش آن‌ دل که از آن آگاه است

  • ارائه همزمان 3 منوی مختلف و جذاب برای دستگاه‌های مدیا استار

  • Public 3 different Menu for Mediastar receivers .

  • توفير 3 برنامج (Menu) مختلفة وجذابة لأجهزة ميديا ستار

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